Everyone is talking about change. Justifiably so?


“The automotive industry is currently experiencing a major historic revolution. DRÄXLMAIER has accepted this challenge, introducing a unique transformation,” says Gianni. As Transformation Lead, the 53-year-old engineer has been responsible for comprehensive digital restructuring within the company since February 2022. “Shaping this change is extremely exciting, but also very challenging. After all, the future doesn’t wait,” says Gianni.


“Many people believe there’s no controlling digitalization. I can actually guide it.”


“My primary focus is on analyzing and designing processes, methods, tools, and the current and future action fields of people. Orchestrating this combination is an important key to success,” states Gianni. His German-Italian roots and multicultural upbringing come in handy in his job. “Transformation requires an open mind and thinking in possibilities without limits. Then, it’s absolutely fascinating.”


What topics are at the very top of the agenda when it comes to transformation?


“My tasks revolve around the largest transformation programs currently in place at DRÄXLMAIER,” says Gianni. “The Digital Core in the strategic focus program Digital Transformation encompasses the introduction of SAP S/4HANA, product life cycle management, and shop floor management.” Joining this all under one roof reinforces the company’s competitive edge and future-proof orientation. “I look forward to continuing to drive DRÄXLMAIER forward and create lasting value for customers.”


What character traits are especially sought after in transformation?


“When I recommend DRÄXLMAIER to a friend or acquaintance, the first things that come to mind as a requirements profile besides their technical qualification and the ability to work in a team are enthusiasm and a desire to learn new things,” says Gianni. “In a family business with honest, authentic values, these kinds of character traits pave the way to outstanding products, strong skills, and a high quality standard.” This basically automatically results in new, varied tasks and excellent possibilities to develop. “After all, the world doesn’t stand still,” says Gianni. “This is why we should help shape coming changes ourselves.”