HR Business Partner Roberta Sasso dreamed of living in Germany permanently since her school days. “I love the language and the culture, and because I visited several times while studying, I have lots of German friends too,” the native Italian explains. She initially joined DRÄXLMAIER in Turin. Starting in 2016, she was responsible for all personnel matters in Italy and Spain.

Move to Vilsbiburg


At the beginning of 2020, she was presented with the opportunity to switch to the DRÄXLMAIER headquarters in Vilsbiburg. “I applied for an internal position in international HR, as I was certain that I could give HQ a new perspective with my experience at the location. My supervisor supported my switch to Germany,” reports Roberta. She has been living right at the Vilsbiburg town square for several months now. “I enjoy walking to work, as long as the weather permits,” explains Roberta. And if she happens to get a craving for sushi, she hops in her car and takes the 20-minute drive to Landshut.

At home in Lower Bavaria


Roberta has quickly settled into Bavaria. Besides Italian and German, the HR manager also speaks fluent English, French, and Spanish. But she’s now also found a connection with her home country in Lower Bavaria, too. On Facebook, she has connected with other Italians, and they get together every week. And they only speak Italian. “It’s very relaxing after work,” says Roberta.